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The sixth Ooredoo Doha Marathon was organised to encourage people to run for noble causes concluded yesterday with Kenyan Chebii Collins Kiptarus and Rokhsareh Ramezani of England won the Full Marathon at the Ooredoo Doha Marathon.

The exciting event was organised by Qatar Airways, Sports Tourism Partner and Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA). It saw participation of more than 2400 people from all walks of life at Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

The marathon was divided into various sections from half marathon, full marathon, 10k, 5K, 3K, and 1k depending upon the age and gender.

As reported by Qatar Tribune, the competition saw participation of as many as 20 elite men and women from US, UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Portugal with majorly local participants at the race which has lately become the signature of the event.

Some of the top participants that glittered at the event were Sir Mo Farah, winner of the Great Scottish Run in 2017 Chris Thompson, Germany’s marathon record holder Arne Gabius, Turkey’s two-time Olympian Bekir Karayel, Michael Shelley and the 2014 Commonwealth Games marathon champion, Gemma Steel.

The marathon resulted were though unexpected in relation to the number of top participants in the event. Farah, the top athlete has to draw back due the pressure from his management company PACE, hence the top competitor was out before the start of half marathon.

History repeated itself as the men’s winning title was again bagged by a Kenyan runner Chebii Collins Kiptarus. In contrast to women sections that saw winning titles from various countries with Rokhsareh Ramezani topping the list.


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Thousands of Qatar residents have been struggling to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services like Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp over the past few weeks.

The cause of the problem remains a mystery. While residents await clarification about what’s going on, some have been circumventing VoIP problems by using a VPN.

Others have found that a handful of less commonly known services still work. Here are some users’ suggestions:

Try a VPN

VPNs (virtual private networks) allow you to encrypt your internet activity, and disguise your physical location.

Unlike in the UAE, VPNs are not illegal in Qatar, as long as you don’t use them for activities that break the country’s laws.


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Some Qatar residents already use VPNs to access country-specific TV and movie streaming services and local news websites.

They are now finding that popular VoIP services work when a VPN is used on their PCs, phones and tablets.

Some VPNs are free and others charge a fee. Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones.

Notably however, some Qatar users have complained lately about trouble with their VPN services, so you may have to try a few before one works.

Get Google Duo

Even though Whatsapp etc are not working, some VoIP apps appear to be holding up well at the moment.


Google Duo

The first is Google Duo, Google’s encrypted video chat app.

Available for both Apple and Android, Google says it’s “simple and reliable” and the “highest quality one-to-one video calling app on the market.”

…. Or IMO

IMO / Google Play

IMO is available for both Apple and Android

VoIP app IMO is also available for Apple and Android, and so far, our readers say it’s working for them in Qatar.

Reviews on the Google Play store are a bit mixed, however – with some saying that connections can be a bit iffy.

Let us know if this encrypted service works for you.

…or Telegram

The popular messaging app Telegram introduced voice calls earlier this year, and readers report that this service still seems to be working.



You can’t make live video calls with it, but you can send video messages instead.

Telegram promises to be “fast, simple and free” and the encrypted service also allows you to create massive group chats, should you wish.

Silence from authorities

People began complaining about the outages shortly before Eid.

So far, Qatar’s two telecom companies Ooredoo and Vodafone, as well as official government sources, have not shed any light on the problem.

This has been frustrating for the many Qatar residents who rely on VoIP as a cost-effective, instant and reassuring way to keep in touch with loved ones abroad.

How are these services working for you? Thoughts?


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Many users in Qatar are once again having trouble making phone and video calls over the internet.

Services such as Skype, Viber, Whatsapp and FaceTime have been experiencing outages since last week, according to many residents.

The sudden lack of access has some wondering if all VoIP (voice over internet protocol) services have been blocked in the country without warning.


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However, Whatsapp had been experiencing global problems last month.

Additionally, during Eid holidays, the country’s main telecom provider Ooredoo said “quality issues” did not come from their end.

And Qatar’s Communications Regulatory Authority has also pledged an investigation.

No updates

Since last week however, there have been no official updates on the situation.

And Ooredoo, the CRA and Vodafone Qatar have not yet responded to Doha News requests for comment yesterday.

The lack of information and difficulty reaching family and friends has continued to frustrate many users around the country.

Are you still having trouble using VoIP services in Qatar? Thoughts?