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Asian Town during Eid celebrations

Reem Saad / Doha News

Asian Town during Eid celebrations

Updated on July 13 with figures from the MME

After the merriment, came the mess.

Following the long weekend, Qatar’s most popular hotspots during Eid Al Fitr, including the Corniche, Sealine Beach, Asian Town and other venues, were awash with discarded plastic bags and bottles, paper plates and scraps of food.

The litter upset many people in Qatar, even sparking a debate on popular Facebook group When, Where & How in Doha about personal responsibility and respect.

Some 947 garbage trucks were deployed by the government during the three days of Eid.

On the first day alone, eight tons of garbage were removed from the Corniche by a team of 200 cleaners and 25 trucks, said Safar Al Shafi, Director of the General Cleanness Project at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).

Speaking to the Peninsula, Al Shafi said that most of that litter was left by the 10,000 workers who flocked to the area from 6am to 10pm on Eid.

He added that the MME plans to roll out awareness campaigns about cleanliness and hygiene.

Cleanup campaign

However, rubbish was found all over public spots in Qatar, not just the Corniche. The mess prompted a request from authorities to please utilize trash cans that are placed around public venues.

In a tweet yesterday, the MME said:

The request isn’t a novel one; for the past three years, the Baladiya has been working to improve public awareness of littering, dumping waste and spitting in public.

It is illegal to litter in Qatar’s public spaces.

Leaving food waste on beaches can lead to a QR100 fine, while residents caught throwing out bags of trash on beaches face fines of QR500.

However, enforcement remains lax, and the issue persists.

Did you notice any rubbish when you went out for Eid? Thoughts?

As Eid holidays continue into the weekend, Katara Cultural Village will be hosting two more firework shows tonight and tomorrow night.

They will take place after 10pm, following an evening of children-friendly performances.

According to those who attended, the show was awe-inspiring.

However, the crowds are massive and the weather has been very humid, so allot some extra time to find a parking spot and dress in breathable clothes.

Did you check it out yet? Thoughts?

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Drowning victim John Thomas


Drowning victim John Thomas

A 45-year-old Indian expat has drowned while swimming at a beach in Qatar early yesterday morning.

Family and friends have identified the victim as Thomas John, a longtime Qatar resident.

According to Gulf Times, the man had been swimming late Wednesday night (around 2:30am Thursday morning) in a big group of people at a beach south of Sealine.

He and several others were caught in a whirlpool and eventually rescued, but he could not be revived, friends said.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

Fadhu clicks/Flickr

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

John had worked in the HR department for Qatar Engineering and Construction Company (Qcon) for nearly 20 years, according to his colleagues.

Speaking to Doha News this morning, a Qcon co-worker said that the company is making arrangements to send John’s body home, but it is taking some time due to the holidays.

“He was a nice guy, very supportive,” said the man, who asked not to be named. “It’s a big loss for us.”

He added that John is survived by his wife and two teenaged children.

Beach safety

Qatar is home to many beaches, which are popular venues during the summer and Eid holidays.

However, most of these do not have any lifeguards, though authorities have been floating the idea of setting up designated swimming zones on beaches.

The legislation, which was last discussed in February 2015, comes following several reports in recent years of residents drowning while swimming near beaches after getting caught in strong tides.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

Rich Renomeron

Photo for illustrative purposes only.

In 2014 for example, at least three people drowned during the Eid Al Fitr holidays at Al Wakrah Beach and Sealine. They had all been swimming late at night and presumed to have gotten caught in the tide.

And last September, two young men were found drowned at a beach in Dukhan, off Qatar’s west coast.


Though the government has not issued any specific swimming-related advice this year, the Ministry of Interior has previously offered these tips:

  • Don’t swim alone, or in prohibited areas;
  • Avoid swimming at night and stay away from people on jet skis;
  • If facing difficulty in the water, maintain calm and paddle your feet to stay afloat. Wave your hands to draw the attention of others;
  • Do not attempt to rescue someone who is drowning if you are not trained to do so; and
  • Monitor children carefully and consider putting on floating devices to help them swim.

Have you been heading to the beach this week? Thoughts?