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Eid prayers

The first day of Eid Al Fitr will be Sunday, June 25, officials from Qatar’s Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf) have just announced.

Awqaf’s moon sighting committee met at their Dafna headquarters tonight to receive witness testimony and make their decision.

The moon signifies the end of Ramadan and the start of the new month, which means that the Eid holidays officially begin tomorrow.

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Awqaf announces Eid

Eid prayer will be held at 319 mosques around the country at 5:00am on Sunday. Awqaf has released a list of the prayer spaces in Arabic.

For a comprehensive guide to all the activities and events planned around town starting tomorrow, check out our Eid guide here.

What are your plans for the holiday? Thoughts?

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The number of organ donors in Qatar has grown in leaps and bounds over the past five years, according to a senior healthcare official.

It went from just 2,000 people in 2012, to some 195,000 in 2017, said Dr. Riadh Fadhil, director of the Qatar Organ Donation Center.

Over the course of Ramadan and the rest of the year, officials hope to get nearly 40,000 more people to sign up to the registry.


Qatar Organ Donation Center

To boost registrations, an annual drive kicked off at the beginning of Ramadan.

New donor drive

Residents will be able to sign up as donors in 14 shopping centers and supermarkets around town.

City Center

City Center mall

That includes City Center, Villaggio and Al Khor malls, as well as Lulu Hypermarket in Al Gharafa and Al Meera in Mansoura.

Speaking to reporters this week, Fadhil said, according to the Gulf Times:

“In a very short span of time, we have broken all sorts of records as about 80,000 people register as donors yearly. We just started two weeks ago this year and so far we have registered more than 5,000 donors.

We need more donors to register in Qatar so nobody has to face losing a loved one while they are waiting for an organ. Self-sufficiency in organ donation as a society cannot be achieved without community solidarity.”

Expanding care

Qatar has been working to expand its organ transplant offerings in recent years, partly to discourage medical tourism abroad for safety reasons.

Currently, living donors can give a kidney or part of a liver (usually to a relative), or organ donations can be made after death.


Qatar’s first liver transplant patient with now Public Health minister Dr. Hanan Al Kuwari and Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari in 2015.

The country’s growing population means there is a waitlist for people in need of kidneys and livers.

Signing up to be an organ donor takes only a couple of minutes and volunteers can now hand you an organ donor card on the spot.


All photos by Ray Toh

Windy weather notwithstanding, hundreds of people have been turning up to the state mosque before sunset to check out the Ramadan cannon there.

The cannon is part of an annual tradition in Qatar. It goes off each day during Ramadan to let Muslims know it’s time to break their fast.

According to photographer Ray Toh, the cannon was a big draw especially for families with small children.

Ray Toh

Ramadan cannon

Prior to it going off, kids are allowed to play in and around the cannon. They are then asked to step back for safety as soldiers fire it off (around 6:20pm).

Katara cannon

For those who plan to take their children to see the cannon, keep in mind that it makes a loud sound when it is fired, which can frighten some kids.

In addition to the state mosque, there’s also a cannon being fired daily at Katara Cultural Village.

Have you been to either this year? Thoughts?