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Amongst the preventable diseases diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis are most likely to affect children. Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has organised a vaccination campaign to begin from 18th February and extend till 15th March to prevent them.

The campaign is aimed at providing booster vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis for the children in grade 10 at government and private schools.

In a recent workshop conducted for Tdap vaccination MoPH Director of Public Health Sheikh Dr Mohammed al Thani said, “There are no outbreaks of diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis in Qatar because people were vaccinated during their young age. The few cases we registered were from outside the country.”

It was explained that Tdap vaccination is effective for 10 years and is highly important for students in 10th standard as they are about to enter a very crucial period. The vaccination will protect the tenth graders healthy between high school, university and the time they are starting to work.

Booster vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis is a combination-immunising agent given by injection to prevent against those infectious diseases for a long duration.

Sheikh Dr Mohammed further explained that MoPH will be introducing wide spectrum of vaccines to cover more than 14 diseases and the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI). They will be unique, updated and advanced immunisation programmes in the region. He explained that supplementary immunisation activities that target high risk groups from time to time such as the Tdap campaign.

Though there are no local cases registered diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis in the last 10 years but there has been four cases were imported and it was identified that patients had not been vaccinated against the diseases.

MoPH has urged parents to permit for the vaccination and will be coordinating with school nurses on the same.

The focus is on increasing the immunity level of the population so that it prevents any outbreak even if there is any case coming from outside to Qatar. The dose that the 10th graders will receive will be the sixth which is a booster dose aimed at increasing immunity of children for the same, to avoid any outbreak given the crucial time of FIFA 2022 increasing the inflow of tourists.


Cancer, one of the most serious diseases, has received a tremendous development in context to both, prevention and cure. However, the fact that cancer is a taboo in the society still continues. People keep the ailment secretive as they are scared of how other people would react on it. There is a need to spread awareness about the prevention and cure of the disease to fight it.

In the same direction a cancer awareness event was organised by HMC’s National Center for Cancer Care and Research (NCCCR) with support from Qatar Cancer Society to mark World Cancer Day. The event focussed on spreading awareness about the disease and ways to prevent it by a healthy diet.

The event focussed on explaining that doctors 40% cancers are preventable through proper diet and vaccination and physical exercise. It stressed on importance of regular screenings to detect cancer at an early stage.

The event introduced and explained people the importance of getting vaccination for diseases like Hepatitis B and cervical cancer by getting vaccinated and maintaining a healthy diet. The event stressed that people must include fibrous rich foods and fruits and avoid junk food with high calories to avoid the risk of developing cancer.

Event encouraged people to go undergo screening of for especially breast and colon screening. The event focussed on explaining and imparting information about getting a routine check. It is advised that people aged 50 and above must undergo a screening of for colon cancer. The test of which can be done by stool test or colonoscopy for which various facilities are available in Qatar. This helps in early detection and removal of cancer cells.

As per Dr. Homsi of HMC’s Senior Consultant Physician, Consultant in Internal Medicine and Chairman of Medical Oncology and Haematology Department, Qatar has developed capabilities to cure all stages of cancer. Today there are new treatments available in Qatar that can cure advanced stages of cancer even if it has spread to other parts of the body.

Apart from promoting healthy diet, vaccination, physical exercise the event imparted contact information for getting appointment for routine tests. People above the age of 50 years above and females above 40 years can contact €01112′ for bowel and breast screenings respectively. Women below the age of 40 years may visit Well Woman clinics at their respective health centres for screening of breast cancer.





Qatar hosts nearly 2 million migrant workers, who comprise approximately 95% of its total labour force, of which 40% are construction workers. The percentage of which is expected to increase at construction venues of FIFA 2022 World Cup.

Qatar fell under the radar of International Labour Organisation (ILO) for not addressing the labour concerns including wages, working conditions, health, document confiscation and basic rights. In response to which Qatar committed ILO in October 2017 that it will bring labour reforms addressing the issues.

The reforms though were listed on paper raised scepticism about the implementation but it seems that Qatar has learnt from its past mistakes and has started taking small steps on ground level also, for addressing the labour concerns.

Recently, Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s (SC) under its ongoing nutritional programme, in partnership with Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) educated more than 1,000 construction workers of 2022 FIFA World Cup about eating healthy, at Al Khor Sports Park.

The interactive program was a part two of SC’s Workers’ Welfare Department and the renowned WCM-Q. Proagramme.

The first phase of the programme included health screenings and wide variety of interactive activities such as light exercise, cricket and football matches, healthy cooking demonstrations and healthy takeaway meal were also organised.

The second phase of the nutritional programme aimed to educate the workers and their employers on benefits of healthy lifestyles and balanced diets.

The results of the detailed screenings conducted in the first phase of the programme were taken as a basis for planning the training and awareness activities in the remaining two phases of the program.

SC Workers’ Welfare Department Executive Director Mahmoud Qutub said: “The event at Al Khor Sports Park was a great example of reaching out to workers to talk about the importance of nutrition.”

He further expressed that “We have worked hard since the launch of this programme to educate workers about eating properly and the benefits a healthy lifestyle can bring. It was a great opportunity for workers to hear a bit more about food preparation and intake, and the impact it can have on their health,”

Dr Shahrad Taheri, WCM-Q Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Clinical Investigations, an active member of the programme explained that “We used the day to carry out further health checks and track progress and improvements to workers’ health since phase one. We also demonstrated some of the food options that would make a big difference to their diet.”

The program would have solved the purpose of spreading awareness about healthy eating however it is equally important to evaluate its results through observations and surveys for understanding the overall impact on attitude of both labour and employee, in context to health of the workers.