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Residents will welcome the Emir back to Qatar this evening with a solidarity event on the Corniche.

Sheikh Tamim traveled abroad a few weeks ago to meet with world leaders in Turkey, Germany, France and the US.

The trip marked the first time he left the country since the Gulf dispute began this summer.

Ahead of his return, officials on Twitter have announced plans to host a warm welcome for him at the airport.

A more public welcome will await him after people perform maghrib prayers together on the Corniche, around 5:30pm.

Early this morning, television cameras could already be seen set up on the thoroughfare.

Street parking is already closed off, and fences have gone up from the Sheraton to the Museum of Islamic Art, in preparations that are reminiscent of National Day.

The event plans are being spread through a hashtag on Twitter called يوم_الاحد_صلاة_المغرب_في_الكورنيش#. This loosely translates into “Sunset prayer at the Corniche on Sunday.”


The show of solidarity comes as Qatar’s dispute with its neighbors nears the four-month mark.

With no end in sight, some Saudis have tried to promote regime change in Qatar, by praising a few dissenting members of the ruling family.

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The Emir’s image decorating a cup of coffee

However, both expats and residents have so far overwhelmingly expressed support for Sheikh Tamim, who has been leading Qatar since his father abdicated power to him in 2013.

This is being done on social media, as well as through artwork, t-shirts and even baked goods bearing the Emir’s likeness.


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Ashghal will partially close the Corniche in two stages this weekend for maintenance works.

Starting early Friday morning (Aug. 25) at 1am, traffic near the Post Office that is heading away from the Sheraton hotel toward the Ministry of Interior will be diverted.


First stage of works

Motorists will instead need to turn right onto Al Markhiya St. to get to Lekhwair Intersection, then U-turn to get back on the Corniche.

Once maintenance on that side of the road is done, Ashghal will close the slip roads that provide access to and from Al Markhiya St.


Second stage of works

Motorists can instead turn onto Al Markhiya St. directly from the Post Office intersection.

Works will continue until Saturday evening.

Revamp of Corniches

Earlier this week, the public works authority announced plans to add public bathrooms, a car park and pedestrian paths on the Corniche.

It said works will span from the Museum of Islamic Art to West Bay.

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Souq Wakrah Corniche

Ashghal also plans to add the same amenities to Al Wakrah beach in early 2018.

But before that, it will conduct maintenance work on the Corniche in Al Khor at the end of this year.


Doha News

A RAF prayer rug on Doha’s Corniche

A local charity is making it easier for people to pray on time while hanging out on the Corniche.

Muslim visitors will now be able to make use of several new roll-out prayer stations, courtesy of the Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF).

To protect them from the weather, the prayer carpets are kept in metal boxes. They can be wound in and out using a handle on the side.

Eid al-Adha 2015 in Abu Hamour

Chantelle D'mello / Doha News

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Praying five times a day is an important tenet of Islam, and Muslims get extra credit for performing the daily prayers in congregation.

Speaking to the Peninsula this week, a spokesperson said that each prayer rug can accommodate up to 30 people at any one time.

They are also positioned so that worshippers face Makkah.

Social responsibility

According to RAF, a team from the charity’s New Life Center has been tasked with maintaining the carpets, and replacing them as and when necessary.

The unnamed official said that the prayer stations are just one of RAF’s “social responsibility” projects and aim to remind Muslims of the importance of praying on time and in groups.

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In addition to its domestic projects, RAF has recently raised millions of riyals to fund the construction of mosques abroad.

In 2015, it put QR24m of donations to use building some 375 mosques in 23 countries on three continents.

The pullout prayer rugs are also located in some parks around town.

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