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A RAF prayer rug on Doha’s Corniche

A local charity is making it easier for people to pray on time while hanging out on the Corniche.

Muslim visitors will now be able to make use of several new roll-out prayer stations, courtesy of the Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF).

To protect them from the weather, the prayer carpets are kept in metal boxes. They can be wound in and out using a handle on the side.

Eid al-Adha 2015 in Abu Hamour

Chantelle D'mello / Doha News

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Praying five times a day is an important tenet of Islam, and Muslims get extra credit for performing the daily prayers in congregation.

Speaking to the Peninsula this week, a spokesperson said that each prayer rug can accommodate up to 30 people at any one time.

They are also positioned so that worshippers face Makkah.

Social responsibility

According to RAF, a team from the charity’s New Life Center has been tasked with maintaining the carpets, and replacing them as and when necessary.

The unnamed official said that the prayer stations are just one of RAF’s “social responsibility” projects and aim to remind Muslims of the importance of praying on time and in groups.

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In addition to its domestic projects, RAF has recently raised millions of riyals to fund the construction of mosques abroad.

In 2015, it put QR24m of donations to use building some 375 mosques in 23 countries on three continents.

The pullout prayer rugs are also located in some parks around town.

Have you seen and/or used them? Thoughts?

Baba Tamim

Ooredoo Marathon 2016

Motorists, beware. It’s going to be a busy weekend for Qatar’s Corniche.

Due to the Ooredoo Marathon today, the thoroughfare will be closed to traffic from 6:30am to 11:30am.

Marathon spectators are requested to stand near the Corniche walkway to the MIA or at the many checkpoints lining the road to get an unobstructed view of runners.

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Meanwhile, food trucks will be selling their wares to the public from 4pm to 10pm on the Corniche today and tomorrow as part of the Shop Qatar festival.

Additionally, fireworks shows will be held during both of these days at 8pm.

For those wanting to attend the fireworks shows, try to carpool and be sure to arrive early, as parking and traffic always gets congested in the run-up to such events.


All photos by Reem Saad

Hundreds of automotive enthusiasts lined up on the Corniche yesterday to showcase and capture some of Qatar’s most exotic, colorful and expensive vehicles – from matte-tinted Ferraris and Maseratis to vintage Land Cruisers and Jeeps.

The “show” is an annual Ramadan tradition during which drivers, mostly young Qatari men, gather daily at the Corniche an hour before sunset to partake in a parade of sorts, passing dozens of residents who come to enjoy the show.

Police officers directed traffic nearby.

This year, the procession took place at both the Corniche and Katara Cultural Village’s Shakespeare St. after several participants called for a change in venue last Ramadan.

Car convoys

At the Corniche yesterday, motorists could be seen pausing mid-drive to flash a thumbs up or a peace sign to nearby photographers. A few eager children were also doing the same while poking their heads out of car windows and sunroofs.

Car convoys on the Corniche are popular during the month of Ramadan, on National Day and after certain sporting events.

Motorbikes in various patterns as well as shades of neon pink, yellow and green also partook in the parade.

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As during previous years, the parade went on for almost an hour. Drivers took three to four laps around the Corniche before heading off to break their fasts.

Fans who missed the show can get a glimpse of it by following @qtrcars on Instagram or browsing through this hashtag in Arabic.

Those interested in catching the show should head to the Corniche between 4:30pm and 5:30pm and park in the emergency lanes lining the road.

Though the show has previously been criticized for safety reasons, as a waste of time and for being overly pretentious, it continues to be a rather unique local tradition.

“Many of us get bored before iftar and come here to kill time, I don’t see the harm in that. It’s just another way to have fun here,” one of the motorists told Doha News.


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