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All photos Copyright © Jessica Fulford-Dobson

A portrait exhibition about Afghan girls who have taken up skateboarding will make its regional premiere in Qatar this week.

The Skate Girls of Kabul series was taken by award-winning photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson in 2013.

It debuts at the QM Gallery (Building 10) in Katara Cultural Village on Thursday, July 20.

The exhibition is based on the story of Skateistan, a local charity that set up skate parks for kids in Afghanistan. There, it is taboo for girls to ride bikes, but not necessarily skateboards.

Dobson, who released a book of the photos in 2015, writes in her forward:

“It’s hard not to think of Afghan girls skateboarding as a remarkable and quirky clash of cultures. But when you see these girls in their beautiful, bright, flowing clothes tearing around the skate park, often yelping and shrieking with laughter, your preconceptions drop away.

You realize that however unusual it may seem, they’re doing what comes naturally to them. As with girls anywhere in the world, once you give them the chance to do something they love, each one begins to discover her own personality, her sense of style and how to express it.”

Qatar skate ramp

The exhibition has also been seen in London and New York, winning awards both times. It is now coming to the Middle East for the first time.

Copyright © Jessica Fulford-Dobson

Skate Girls of Kabul series

As a nod to the series, Qatar Museums announced that it will open a skate ramp to the public for the duration of the exhibition, which runs from July 20 to Oct. 21.

In a statement, QM added:

“The striking images bring to life the hopeful spirit of these young girls that show a new perspective and dimension to skateboarding culture — one that shows strength in the face of adversity.”


All photos courtesy of QTA

Air conditioned malls around Qatar have been filling up with visitors this week as Eid festivities continue for a third day today.

Many shopping centers are participating in the Qatar Summer Festival, and will be holding promotions and entertainment events through July.

Though there are no Saudis in the malls this week, many Kuwaitis and Omanis have flown to Qatar to show their support for the blockaded country.


Eid Al Fitr 2017

According to the Qatar Tribune, many visitors from these countries had been given various discounts to encourage them to come to Qatar.


Malls participating in the QSF include Doha Festival City, The Mall, Al Khor Mall, Gulf Mall, Mall of Qatar, Lagoona Mall and Landmark Mall.

Today, Doha Festival City will kick off a “special event” at 4:30pm that includes a mall parade, an African Drummer’s performance, an Ardha dance and an Ice Age Show.


Shopping Festival 2017 – Mall times

The evening will end with a concert at 9pm by Qatari singer Saoud Jassim.

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Photos courtesy of QNA, Katara, Nashira Usef and Lagoona Mall

Qatar residents turned out in droves to masjids, malls and other hotspots around the country to celebrate the first day of Eid Al Fitr.

Many spent time with friends and family, as well as went out to eat after a month of refraining from food during the daylight hours.

At Katara Cultural Village, thousands of people attended live entertainment shows and checked out the first in a series of daily fireworks shows this week.

Entertainment was in full swing over at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, Asian Town and several malls, including Lagoona:

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