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After a long hot summer, the weather is starting to turn more pleasant in Qatar, cheering residents and encouraging people to get outdoors.

Notably, the temperatures have been falling only during the evenings, but sometimes to as low as the 20Cs.

For the most part, they remain in the upper 30Cs during the day, but this should change heading into October, according to forecasters.

The biggest difference will start being felt at the end of next week.

That’s when the humidity begins to dissipate and dryer conditions ensue, said Abdullah Al Mannai, acting Director of the Meteorology Department (MET).

Cloudy days


During this transitional phase, the humid weather is causing cloudy conditions to form around much of the country.

This has led to scattered rains and even some thunderstorms in northwestern Qatar.

According to the MET, “local thunderstorms are usually accompanied by short-lived strong downdraft winds causing rising dust and reduced visibility.”

Potential dust storms aside, who’s interested in road-tripping to catch the rain in northern Qatar this week? Thoughts?

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Flooding in Houston

Residents planning to travel to the US for Eid break this week may want to double-check their itineraries.

Due to heavy flooding in Houston, Qatar Airways has cancelled three days worth of flights to the Texas city.

In a travel alert on its website, the national carrier said flights QR713 from Doha to Houston and QR714 from Houston to Doha have been canceled from Aug. 28-30 because of airport closures.

“Passengers holding tickets to or from Houston are advised to contact their local booking agent and to check the Flight Status tab on the Qatar Airways website,” it said.

Flights to Dallas and San Antonio appear to operating normally, however.

More rain expected

Following the massive Hurricane Harvey a few days ago, Houston is now struggling with days of torrential rainfall.

The record levels of precipitation have caused at least nine deaths in the US’s fourth largest city.

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Flooding in Houston

Devastating floods have prompted mandatory evacuations from residents’ homes, highways have become completely inaccessible and thousands of people are also without power.

According to meteorologists, rain will continue to pound parts of Texas until at least Thursday.

Does the flooding affect your travel plans? Thoughts?

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Rare thundershowers and a possible sandstorm are in the forecast for Qatar this week, according to the local meteorology department.

Expect scattered clouds with a chance of rain through Thursday, the MET said.

It’s also possible that strong winds will cause blowing winds and decreased visibility this week, resulting in a dust storm.

In a statement, the MET attributed the weather to north and southeasterly winds that are saturated with water vapor.


The end of summer is a transitional period for Qatar, and some wacky weather sometimes occurs.

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August 2016 sandstorm from West Bay

Last year around this time for example, a sudden sandstorm caught many residents by surprise.

The good news is, August is usually the most humid month of the year in Qatar. The heat and moisture should start abating soon, in mid-September.