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With reporting from Reem Saad

Thousands of people flocked to the Corniche last night to express support for Qatar’s Emir, who has just returned home from a trip abroad.

The crowd consisted of expats and Qataris alike, who hailed Sheikh Tamim for representing Qatar proudly during the ongoing Gulf dispute.

The Emir was first warmly received at the airport by family members and other VIPs.

Later in the evening, his convoy cruised down the Corniche, where people waited up to three hours to greet him.

Sheikh Tamim very briefly got out of his vehicle to meet with attendees, kissing children and shaking hands.

Speaking to Doha News, one Qatari woman who declined to be named said:

“I feel so proud to be here today. Us coming together like this only goes to show that we as Qataris and the residents of Qatar would never turn our backs on Sheikh Tamim.”


Online reaction

The event appeared to be a very emotional one for some residents. Many strongly felt the need to show up and express their patriotism as Qatar’s isolation from its neighbors grows.

Others wanted to give thanks to the Emir for his defiant speech last week at the United Nations, which expressed gratitude to Qatar’s expats and local population for their solidarity.

Here’s some of the online reaction to yesterday’s event:


Bosco Menezes (Big B Photography)

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Residents will welcome the Emir back to Qatar this evening with a solidarity event on the Corniche.

Sheikh Tamim traveled abroad a few weeks ago to meet with world leaders in Turkey, Germany, France and the US.

The trip marked the first time he left the country since the Gulf dispute began this summer.

Ahead of his return, officials on Twitter have announced plans to host a warm welcome for him at the airport.

A more public welcome will await him after people perform maghrib prayers together on the Corniche, around 5:30pm.

Early this morning, television cameras could already be seen set up on the thoroughfare.

Street parking is already closed off, and fences have gone up from the Sheraton to the Museum of Islamic Art, in preparations that are reminiscent of National Day.

The event plans are being spread through a hashtag on Twitter called يوم_الاحد_صلاة_المغرب_في_الكورنيش#. This loosely translates into “Sunset prayer at the Corniche on Sunday.”


The show of solidarity comes as Qatar’s dispute with its neighbors nears the four-month mark.

With no end in sight, some Saudis have tried to promote regime change in Qatar, by praising a few dissenting members of the ruling family.

Peter Draper / Instagram

The Emir’s image decorating a cup of coffee

However, both expats and residents have so far overwhelmingly expressed support for Sheikh Tamim, who has been leading Qatar since his father abdicated power to him in 2013.

This is being done on social media, as well as through artwork, t-shirts and even baked goods bearing the Emir’s likeness.



Sheikh Tamim meets US President Donald Trump

The Gulf crisis should be resolved “pretty quickly,” US President Donald Trump said following a meeting with Qatar’s Emir yesterday.

In a press briefing after their talk, Trump emphasized the two nations’ historically strong relationship.

Referring to the months-long dispute between Qatar and its neighbors, he added:

“We are right now in a situation where we’re trying to solve a problem in the Middle East. And I think we’ll get it solved, I have a very strong feeling that it will be solved pretty quickly.”

Shortly after the dispute erupted in June, Trump expressed support for isolating Qatar to fight terrorism.

However, cognizant of the fact that Qatar hosts the US’s largest air base in the region, the Pentagon urged a swift resolution to the Gulf dispute.

Trump now appears to agree with this notion.

UN General Assembly

The two leaders met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, where both delivered speeches.

During his address, the Emir said that his people felt betrayed by the hacking of QNA, as well as the ensuing blockade.

Video still

Sheikh Tamim at UN General Assembly

He strongly criticized his neighbors for their political actions, but also said Qatar is ready to talk about solving the crisis.

Sheikh Tamim reiterated this desire in the press briefing with Trump, saying:

“We have a problem with our neighbors and your interference will help a lot. And I’m sure that with your interference hopefully we can find a solution to this problem.”

“We will always be open to dialogue,” he added.