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Tomorrow is Friday, your day to unwind and indulge in some great fun. Doha News has shortlisted some special events and activities spread around town for you to choose from. See what stimulates you!

The 4th Katara European Jazz Festival

Date and Venue: From Nov.8-12 at Katara Culture Centre, Building 5. Time: 7pm onwards.


If you are a Jazz aficionado, you’d want to be here. Lighten up your evening with one of the most rejuvenating experiences of European Jazz music. The much-awaited 4th edition of Katara European Jazz Festival was inaugurated yesterday with immense zeal. Top European Jazz musicians from 11 countries will be showcasing their talent in this music festival. Aspiring musicians interested in inter-cultural music can attend workshops conducted by European artists, too.

Red Bull CPD-Car Park Drift-Doha

Date, Time and Venue: Nov.10 -5:30 p.m from Dallah Parking to Doha Cronicle

Entry: Free

One of the most awaited events of November is the exclusive Red Bull Car Park Drift in Doha. The thrilling sports event is launched under the sponsorship of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), in partnership with Vodafone, Nissan, and Losail Circuit Sport. The event promises breathtaking car drifts with new, exciting drivers behind the wheels. The King of Drift is likely to represent Qatar in the Finals to be held in Kuwait.


A number of lifestyle stores are offering amazing discounts, upto 50%, on unsold stocks. Apparels, shoes, watches and jewellery are the major items on sale. A popular shoe shop in Doha is also offering attractive deals, such as “buy 1 get 1 free”. As per customer reviews on the ongoing sale, the branded items are good and the rebates are great. A few other major franchisees of clothing brands, too, have reduced the prices to as low as QR 30. Sports shops are offering discounts from 20-30 %. Grab the opportunity!

Al Mamoura Family Park

In case you are looking for an outdoor recreation activity, or a long due family picnic, the newly- renovated Al Mamoura Park could prove to be a perfect spot. With the weather turning pleasant, you can enjoy the greenery of the park with much-improved facilitates. The 6,500 Sqm Parkhas upgraded its services, with latest equipments in place for physical exercise, games for children and improved lanes to give a superior experience.

What’s playing?

Various genres of movies are running in the theatres near you. According to IMD ratings,some of the best movies running are ‘THOR:RAGNAROK’ (2D):  An American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character,Thor.‘Thank you for your service’:  An American biographical war drama, it’s about the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depicting U.S. soldiers who find it hard to adjust to the civilian life. If horror excites you, go for ‘Jigsaw’.

Longines Global Championship Tour

Date and Venue: Nov 10  at AL SHAQAB Equestrian Centre

The splendid AL SHAQAB Equestrian Centre in Doha will once again provide just the idealsetting for the Longines Global Champions Tour finale. Founded by His Highness the Father Emir, this impressivevenue will see top international athletes go for broke to secure improved position in the prestigious LGCT Rankings

Doha Learning Week (Education Festival)

Date and Venue: Week-long event from Nov.10-16 at Katara

Entry: Free

If you are a student or a parent  looking for a career or education guide for your child, the innovative education festival, “Doha learning week”, is your one-stop hub. It is organised as a flagship week-long event under World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) and will be inaugurated on 10th November. The week-long festival will offer a series of workshops, movie screenings, exhibitions, lectures, performances, tours and hackathons. It will offer activities from ‘Generation Amazing Football’, to various learning and educational events.You can find the details on