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In their latest Qtip, the I Love Qatar team tackles questions about looking directly into a Qatari woman’s eyes.

In response to online rumors, comedian Hamad Al-Amari sets the record straight, saying it’s not illegal to stare – but it is rude.

So whether we’re talking about a Qatari woman, a non-Qatari woman, or anyone else, “Just don’t stare – it’s very very uncomfortable,” he said.


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The origins of the rumor could involve Qatar’s conservative culture, in which local men and women generally do not mix socially.

This stems from Islamic tradition in which modesty between genders is encouraged, to minimize extramarital relations, jealousy and other issues.

That said, Qatari law doesn’t prohibit people from interacting with each other – just keep it respectful.


In his latest #Qtip, I Love Qatar co-founder Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon explains a key aspect of Qatari culture – giving off a pleasant scent.

According to Al Haroon, Qataris take their fragrances very seriously, and rely on the following products to smell good:

  • Oud
  • Dihn Al Oud
  • Bukhoor
  • Perfume
  • Flowers

Though in the video, Al Haroon doesn’t go into the specifics of why a pleasant odor is so important, he explained to Doha News:

“Hygiene is something that is important religiously. Al nathafa min al eeman. Cleanliness is a sign of faith. This can also be seen by the wudu (cleansing before praying).

Also as you can imagine Qatar, being a hot country, didn’t have cooling systems back in the day. We had to rely on wind towers and fans. So smelling good was something that people tried to achieve with the different types of perfumes and flowers.

It was a sign that someone cared about themselves and the image they portrayed to others. We live in a judgmental society and smelling good is important.

Today, this has evolved into our daily lives. Some may say to an extreme, as we’re constantly buying the latest perfumes. It’s a fashion statement as well.”

Al Haroon warned people, however, not to get too carried away – “three puffs (of perfume) are enough.”

Have you ever gotten into an elevator and taken a deep breath of your companions, just because?

Contrary to what some may think, Qataris do not have the market on thobes. In his latest #Q-Tip, I Love Qatar co-founder Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon explains that many locals would actually be honored to see expats dressed in the long, flattering attire.

He said:

“It means you’re embracing our culture – you’re accepting the way we dress and you also want to experience the way Qataris dress.”

But, Al Haroon also advises residents who plan to don thobes to not do so for the first time on Halloween, as that may be taken the wrong way by the local community.

An ideal day to try on a thobe, he added, is National Day, which is celebrated each year on Dec. 18.

To get an idea on how traditional dress varies from Gulf country to country, check out a guide to thobes in the region here.

Do you own any Qatari-style attire? Thoughts?