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We are not going to differentiate among fellow citizens, nationals from other GCC countries or expatriates. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.

Brigadier Mohamed Saad Al Kharji, director of the Traffic Department, in a warning to motorists ahead of Tuesday’s National Day celebrations.


In recent remarks on Qatar Radio’s “Good Morning, My Beloved Country,” Al Kharji added that police will be on the lookout for cars whose decorations violate the rules and for reckless driving, including standing up and sticking heads out of sunroofs. 

Such displays have grown increasingly common over the past few years, causing traffic snarls during the evening of QND and leaving Qatar’s streets littered with garbage the morning after.

Though Qatar has promised to crack down on “uncivil” behavior this year, many residents have expressed skepticism that this will happen, given that traffic police rarely pull people over during the rest of the year.

Meanwhile, organizers are offering an outlet for those inclined to celebrate QND by going for a ride.

The Peninsula reports:

According to Al Kharji, a car parade will be allowed from 5pm onwards on the National Day, and it will start from near the Ras Abu Aboud flyover. The maximum speed allowed will be between 10 and 11 km per hour and the parade will culminate at the Sheraton roundabout on the Corniche.


Credit: Photo by Xavier Bouchevreau


The Corniche road from Sheraton Roundabout to the Islamic Museum Roundabout will be closed to vehicular traffic on the mornings of today (until 10:30am) and tomorrow for National Day military parade rehearsals, MOI reports. Those who are driving should follow the detours or seek alternate routes over the next few days.

Additionally, the Qatari Armed Forces General Command has said that the Emiri Air Force’s jets will be conducting air show rehearsals in and about the Corniche area starting tomorrow and until National Day.

The General Command has advised the public to “take precautions” during these times especially: tomorrow from 10am to 12 pm and Sunday and Monday from 2:15pm to 3pm.


The actual show will take place during the parade time on National Day, Tuesday, Dec. 18, from 8am to 10am.

That morning, all roads and areas close to the military parade will be closed to traffic. Free shuttle services will be available to transfer people from parking spots to the Corniche. Parade-goers can park near the Central Post Office, Qatar Sports Club, Qatar Petroleum building and Souq Waqif. 

For more information about National Day, check our guide for QND2012 here.


Credit: Photo courtesy of Qatar National Day

We’ve seen messages passed around that women are not allowed to attend the National Day parade as well, but there is no apparent truth to them.

A representative of the Qatar National Day organizing committee has confirmed to us that women are welcome to participate in festivities on December 18.


Blogger Ammar Mohammed also points out that Liuetenant Ali Al-Baridi from the Traffic Department appeared on Al Rayyan TV two days ago to discuss the issue. Al-Baridi said the ban story is fake, but also suggested women carry their driving licenses with them.

The rumor likely started in response to recent events in the neighboring United Arab Emirates. The UAE celebrated its national day earlier this month, but the festivities were marred by numerous reports of women being groped and assaulted amidst the crowds of men.