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The Moon Aglow by Rock Hadz and contributed to the Doha News Flickr Group. According to the photographer, this shot was taken Thursday night in Najma.

Expect the moon to look even bigger and brighter this evening (Saturday), as it gets the closest in distance to the Earth that it will be all year.

Do you plan to look for the “Supermoon” tonight?



A partial lunar eclipse will be visible to Qatar residents for about a half hour next Thursday night, April 25, the Qatar Meteorology Department has announced.

The lunar eclipse – the only one to take place this year – can be observed from 10:42pm to 11:25pm, the MET said in a statement on its website.

“This eclipse is a result of the passage of the moon in the earth shadow, which leads to disappearance of a part of the moon disk,” and it should be visible to the naked eye in all parts of the country, the MET added. 

According to NASA:

To catch the entire event, one must be located in eastern Europe or Africa, central Asia or western Australia. At the instant of greatest eclipse the Moon will be at the zenith for an observer just east of Madagascar. Eastern parts of South America will experience moonrise with the eclipse already in progress, but none of the eclipse is visible from North America.

As per Islamic tradition, special prayers are usually offered in some mosques in Doha during the eclipse time.


Credit: Photo of 2009 partial lunar eclipse by Sam Agnew

UPDATE: The moon was not sighted tonight, so Ramadan continues on Saturday and Eid will begin on Sunday.

Awqaf’s Crescent Moon Sighting Committee is asking Muslims in Qatar to look for the new moon tonight as it determines whether Saturday or Sunday will be Eid-al-Fitr.

Anyone who sees it is asked to “give testimony at its premises at the ministry building in Al-Dafnah (the Towers zone) where they will meet immediately after Maghrib prayers,” Gulf Times reports.

UAE astronomers are already saying Eid will be Sunday, but stay tuned tonight to hear what Qatar determines.

Whichever day Eid falls, holidays in Qatar have already begun, running through Tuesday of next week for banks and until Aug. 28 for most government ministries.


Credit: Photo by Johannes Winger-Lang