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A hacker has stolen the names and email addresses of 17 million Zomato users around the world, the restaurant and food delivery app has announced.

The massive data breach also included encrypted passwords, but no financial information, the India-based firm’s chief technology officer Gunjan Patidar said in a statement.

Zomato boasts 120 million monthly users and operates in 24 countries, including Qatar.


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It is unclear how many of Qatar’s roughly 200,000 monthly users were affected. Officials asked by Doha News declined to comment about this.

However, in an email, Qatar country manager Amith Sequeira said, “Our users’ data is safe and secure, now. We will share an official statement along with our learnings, shortly.”

Securing information

Following the breach, the hacker apparently put the user data up for sale online. But he/she then took it down after speaking to Zomato reps, Patidar said.

Because the majority of users have linked their Zomato accounts to Facebook and Google logins, they should not be affected by the hack, he added.

Some 6.6 million users with standalone accounts however have been sent emails to reset their passwords.

The company has now pledged to plug its security vulnerabilities and work with the “ethical hacker community” to ensure the app remains a safe space for all users.

“There’s no need to panic,” Patidar said.

Were you affected by the hack? Thoughts?


Doha News


As you may have noticed, our website was down for several hours in the middle the night and this morning after Doha News was attacked by hackers.

The perpetrators briefly had access to our Twitter account, sending out the Anonymous phrase “We are everywhere” before we took back control.

They also deleted thousands of our followers, but Twitter restored this quickly.

The hack comes as days after major websites including Twitter, Reddit and Netflix went down temporarily after a company that provides core internet services for them was attacked.

Motivation unclear

According to Doha News publisher Omar Chatriwala, the identity of the hackers remains unknown for now:

“Looking at the access logs, they did anonymize their footprint, showing a trail going everywhere from France and Sweden to the US. We aren’t exactly sure who did it at this point, or what their motive may have been.”

Our operations have mostly returned to normal, but we ask that you flag any remaining issues.

And we thank you very much for all of the messages of support you have sent.


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If you had internet problems yesterday, you weren’t the only one. And this time, it wasn’t Ooredoo’s fault.

Major websites including Twitter, Reddit and Netflix went down temporarily on Friday after a company that provides core internet services for them was attacked.

US-based Dyn said it was subjected to a global distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack yesterday afternoon. The attacks continued well into the evening.

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These types of hacks involve flooding target sites with “junk” traffic so that they can no longer serve legitimate visitors.


The move appeared to hit parts of the US the hardest, but also left Twitter, Whatsapp and some other services in Qatar on the fritz:

Dyn said it’s been working to resolve the issue and asked customers to check its status updates for more information.

Did you have any internet problems this weekend? Thoughts?