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A brawl apparently broke out tonight in the Muaither neighborhood of Al Rayyan Municipality, sparking concerns and rumors about the incident.

The Ministry of Interior reported that gunshots were fired, but said there were no deaths or “serious” injuries:

Rough translation:

A fight occured between a number of individuals in Muaither area, gun shots were fired but security forces arrested them without causing deaths or serious injuries

With conflicting accounts about the incident being passed around via Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger, authorities are also warning people not to spread misinformation, in violation of the law.

Details of the fight itself remain unconfirmed, but witnesses reported seeing armed security forces outside Hamad Hospital’s Emergency ward afterward.

Many online, meanwhile, began questioning how such an incident could happen in Qatar, given its ranking as one of the safest countries in the world:

Some commented that Qatar’s streets had become those of Chicago or Los Angeles, while a graphic passed around made the comparison to the video game Call of Duty:

Were you there? Did you see what happened?

Credit: Photos courtesy of Nayaf Al Emadi

Correction: This post originally referred to Muaither as part of Doha when it is in fact a part of Al Rayyan Municipality.