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Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao press conference


Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao press conference

We’ve received dozens of inquiries about how Qatar residents can tune into tonight’s “Fight of the Century” between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

The boxers will face off in Las Vegas in the early morning, Qatar time. Speaking to Doha News, an Ooredoo spokesman said this weekend that the telecom provider has just secured the rights to screen the fight.

Those with Mozaic can watch the match live on Pay per View Channel 510 for QR125, with the pre-show starting at 4am Doha time tomorrow (Sunday, May 3). He added that replays would be aired at 10am, 3pm and 7pm.

There don’t appear to be many other options for Qatar residents who wish to tune into the match. Online, the National is live-blogging the event here.

At least one business in Doha is planning to screen the boxing match, but Eve Events Catering and Services said its venue is now completely booked.

And BeinSports told Doha News this morning that the channel does not have the rights to broadcast the fight.

In a light-hearted story last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Pacquiao appeared to have more support in Qatar than Mayweather based on the number of “likes” each fighter has accumulated on their respective Facebook pages.

How do you plan to watch? Thoughts?


By Mai Akkad

The football season has ended early for Nene and Houssine Kharja, the two players who started last week’s brawl during the Qatar Stars Cup semi-final between Al-Gharafa and Al-Arabi.

According to local sports channel Al Kass, the Qatar Football Association’s Discipline Committee has meted out hefty fines and long suspensions for the duo, as well as several other team members involved in the scuffle.

The fight occurred last Tuesday night after Nene began arguing with the referee over receiving his second yellow card of the game. According to a video report, Kharja attempted to intervene by pushing Nene with his shoulder. Nene then punched his competitor in the side of the head, prompting players from both teams to enter the fray. Shortly after, Kharja delivers a flying karate kick into Nene.


Nene, a former Paris Saint Germain winger who signed a $14.7 million contract to play for Al Gharafa in January, will be suspended for nine matches and fined $96,000 (QR350,000). Kharja, an Al-Arabi midfielder, will not be allowed to play for 10 matches and faces a fine of $104,000 (QR380,000), Al-Kass reports.

Three other Al-Arabi players have also been disciplined. Abdullah Marafee will not play for five matches and has been fined $13,700 (QR50,000) for physically assaulting an opponent; Abdulaziz Hatem has been suspended for three matches and must pay $8,240 (QR30,000) for entering the locker room of the Al-Gharafa team in an attempt to assault them; and Mohammed Al Kuwari who will not play in two matches and has been fined $5,500 for joining the brawl and for also trying to assault his rivals (QR20,000).

Additionally, the administrative officer of the Al-Arabi Sports Club, Khalifa Hashim, was given a warning and fined $8,240 (QR30,000) for not abiding by sportsmanship rules and the concept of fair competition, Al Arab reports.

Finally, Al-Arabi was fined QR10,000 for receiving more than five yellow cards and for having so many players suspended in such a “shameful” match, the newspaper added.

Moral message

In a statement to Al Kass, the chairman of the Discipline Committee said that the sanctions imposed on the players are an important lesson for them to understand that sportsmanship and clean play are critical while playing football. He also added that he hopes his message will spread through the football community so that such “unfortunate” scenes do not happen again.

Both football teams have protested the suspensions and fines and are negotiating with QFA’s Discipline Committee to reduce them. In a statement on its website, Al Gharafa said it was “surprised” by the “exaggerated” discipline and is working on an appeal. 


Credit: Photo courtesy of Al Gharafa 

VIDEO: Fight between football club players erupts at Qatar Stars Cup semifinal

Football club Al-Gharafa and Al-Arabi are expected to face serious consequences after players engaged in a brawl on Tuesday night during the Qatar Stars Cup semifinal.

The scuffle began in the 94th minute of the game, after Brazilian winger Nene, who recently moved to Qatar from Paris St. Germaine, began arguing with the referee over receiving his second yellow card of the game.

According to the video, Al-Arabi midfielder Houssine Kharja attempted to intervene by pushing Nene with his shoulder. Nene then punched his competitor in the side of the head.

Yahoo Sports reports:

All hell breaks loose, with players from both sides throwing punches and Kharja – in a delayed reaction after initially appearing shocked by the punch – flying into a karate kick into Nene.

While playing in France, Nene had been in trouble on a couple of occasions for his behaviour, although he was more prone to sulks and verbal outbursts than anything of a violent nature.

Al-Arabi won the match 2-1 and moves on to finals, and according to Doha Stadium Plus, Nene, Kharja and Al-Arabi’s Abdullah Marafiya were shown red cards. The first two may also face severe bans in the future.