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BlackBerry announced today that it will be launching a version of its BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app for Android phones this Saturday, and for Apple iOS on Sunday.

The instant messaging app has been tremendously popular in Qatar in years past, with breaking news – and rumors – often spreading faster on BBM than on Twitter and Facebook or more traditional media channels.

But Apple’s and Google’s platforms have been fast eroding that market share, with many here switching over to services like WhatsApp and Kik, among others.

The BBM app for Android and iOS will be free and available via their respective app stores, the company said. The new launch follows on a recent reboot of BlackBerry’s operating system to compete with Google and Apple. 

What do you think — will you BBM without a BlackBerry? Or is it too little, too late?

Credit: Image via BlackBerry

No one has been killed at City Center mall, the Ministry of Interior has told Doha News in response to inquiries about online rumors of a shooting there.

A graphic image (included at the end of this post) of a man lying on the floor surrounded by a crowd of people in what appears to be a Khaleeji mall has been circulating on Blackberry Messenger and Twitter since yesterday, prompting questions about what happened and whether City Center has been closed.

But there have been “no complaints” of any incidences taking place at the mall, an MOI spokesman said.

People are also asserting that the photo was taken at Dubai’s Deira City Center mall or Saudi Arabia’s Rashid Mall in Khobar, although we’ve yet to see either of those claims substantiated.

To view the photo, click the “read more” button below. But be warned: it does show blood and possibly a dead body.

Credit: Top photo by Shabina S. Khatri