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Qatar teachers express anxiety about new ethics code

While some teachers support the new code of conduct, describing it as “very important and much needed,” others expressed discomfort at the idea of opening up their private lives to extra scrutiny. Continue Reading →

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SEC lists names of 15 new schools opening this fall in Qatar

The opening of nine new private schools and six kindergartens is hoped to alleviate some of the stress on Qatar’s overburdened education system, which has been struggling to accommodate the growing needs of the population. Continue Reading →

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Supreme Education Council: 13 new schools to open in Qatar this fall

Amid a school place shortage, some 22 more schools are supposed to open between October 2014 and May 2015, and several more kindergartens are expected to become operational by December, the SEC has pledged. Continue Reading →

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Qatar-Finland International School under construction

Qatar to get first Finnish school as private education options expand

The Qatar-Finland International School is one of five new private schools scheduled to open this fall as part of efforts to meet rising demand for school places in the country. Continue Reading →

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Report highlights hurdles facing Qatar’s private education sector

A new GCC Education Industry Report said there are many opportunities for private firms to fill demand for school places in Qatar, but high set-up costs and strict regulations are discouraging entrants into the market. Continue Reading →

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Many schools plan appeals after SEC limits tuition fee increases

Many private schools in Qatar are appealing to the SEC after they were refused to increase their fees, or only allowed to raise them by a few hundred riyals. Continue Reading →

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SEC shortens independent schools’ day as Doha temperatures rise

The new directive means that independent schools must now finish teaching by noon each day, starting June 1. However, private schools appear to be unaffected by the change. Continue Reading →

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SEC to hire 900 teachers to meet rising demand at independent schools

More than 36,000 people have already applied for the postings, according to the Supreme Education Council’s Human Resources Director. Priority will go to qualified candidates in Qatar and those from select Arab nations. Continue Reading →

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SEC reviews new ban on mid-year enrollment at some Doha schools

The restriction means that no children, whether currently in Qatar or abroad, are currently allowed to take up places in a new school partway through the school year, unless they are granted an exception by the SEC. Continue Reading →

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SEC to give parents and pupils a say in school fee increases

In an effort to create a “scientific and transparent” system, Qatar’s governing education body will judge a school’s petition to raise tuition by five new criteria. Continue Reading →

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