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As Qatar awaits new airport, traffic at DIA continues to increase

Qatar’s aviation boom is putting pressure on the country’s existing airport, but no official opening date has been set yet for the much-delayed Hamad International Airport. Continue Reading →

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Hamad International Airport

Airport authorities taxiing toward April opening of Hamad International

Operator ready to move to long-delayed Hamad International Airport, but still waiting for take-off signal from authorities. Continue Reading →

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Crane fog

PHOTOS: Fog enfolding parts of Qatar marks beginning of winter

Misty conditions will persist tomorrow morning, and the MET advises caution on the roads. Continue Reading →

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Qatar residents face traffic snarls near airport as Eid rush begins

While some residents reported clearer roads elsewhere in Doha, it seems the worst of the traffic was focused on the airport area this morning, as thousands of people fly in and out of Doha to make the most of school holidays and the Eid Al Adha break. Continue Reading →

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Airport official credits Qatar Airways for role in foiling drug smugglers

As Qatar works to catch the rising number of passengers attempting to smuggle narcotics through the Doha International Airport, the national carrier is getting credit for its role in the fight. Speaking to Al Arab, the DIA’s Ahmad Al Khayarain said:

“There is a lot of cooperation to help tackle the issue. For instance, we work closely with the employees of Qatar Airways. Those who transport drugs in their stomachs refuse to eat or drink and they of course become suspicious when the flight is long and they do not eat or drink anything.”

Qatar is becomingly an increasingly popular transit point for trafficking, in part because of the expansion of its national carrier, which now flies to several South American, Asian and African countries. 
According to officials, some 75 percent of the cocaine seized at the DIA last year came from Brazil, and the majority of apprehended drug mules have come from Nigeria and Tanzania. 
Just three months ago, a Tanzanian man died aboard a Qatar Airways flight from Sao Paolo, Brazil, to Doha, reportedly while trying to smuggle a large amount of narcotics inside his stomach. Customs inspector Saif Al Kuwari told Al Arab, as translated by Gulf News:

“They really put their lives at risk by carrying between 40 and 110 pills in their stomachs. Continue Reading →

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Official: Nearly 100,000 people flying into Qatar over next week

As the Eid holiday comes to a close, tens of thousands of residents traveling abroad are making their way back to Qatar. Speaking to Doha News, a spokesman at the Doha International Airport said some 45,000 people are flying into the DIA this weekend, and 50,000 more are expected next weekend. The numbers were not categorized into residents and tourists, but earlier this month, some 250,000 passengers were estimated to have left for Eid holidays. And because the public sector officially returns to work tomorrow, much of the incoming traffic is expected to be comprised of people who call Doha home. The sudden influx of passengers at the Arrivals Terminal – initially a temporary structure erected to ease congestion at the DIA – has not gone unnoticed. Continue Reading →

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Lacking spaces, Doha Intl Airport asks passengers not to park at Arrivals terminal

Travelers are being advised not to leave their cars at the Doha International Airport’s Arrivals terminal parking area during Eid travel season, due to a parking space shortage. A partial closure of the area is responsible for the lack of spaces, and the congestion is expected to continue through October. At that point, a new two-story car park that has been under construction since July is expected to open, the DIA said in a statement. Patrick Muller, the airport’s executive vice president, said:

“We understand the inconveniences that our customers and the public are experiencing with parking at the Arrival Terminal. The partial closure is necessary as development of the new metro rail continues so we are advising passengers to consider taxis and limousines as more efficient means of getting to and from the airport during this period.” 

Meanwhile, anyone leaving Doha during the next few weeks is still advised to head to the Departures terminal up to four hours in advance, and to check in online if possible. 
This summer, congestion at the DIA has been particularly acute. Continue Reading →

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Airport survival guide: 11 tips to manage the summer travel rush in Qatar

Doha International Airport is in a uniquely unpleasant situation this summer. It’s experiencing not only the annual hot-weather exodus, with some 50,000 residents flying out of Qatar last month - and thousands more planning to do so in the coming weeks – but also a massive influx of residents coming home for Ramadan. This is making for an extra-busy travel season in Qatar, with residents reporting long lines both while leaving and upon entering the country through the DIA. Because new state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport isn’t expected to be operational until the end of the year, it looks like Doha residents will have to make do with the crowds for now. But some action can be taken to ensure the journey isn’t too stressful. Continue Reading →

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Travelers urged to check in at Doha airport up to four hours early this month

It seems that Qatar has officially outgrown the Doha International Airport. As the DIA gears up for the annual summer rush, officials are making the usual announcements about checking in online and arriving early to the airport. 
But this time, they’re advising travelers to get to the airport as early as four hours before a flight (as opposed to two or three hours), especially during peak travel times over the next few weeks. 
For Terminal A (Qatar Airways), those times are expected to be from 5am to 9am, 6pm to 8:30pm and 10:30pm to 1:30am. For Terminal B (almost all other airlines), the peak times are from 7am to 9:30am, 4pm to 6pm and 7pm to 11pm. Managing traffic
To help ease congestion this month, DIA said it is adding staff and opening more check-in counters to reduce lines. It has also advised those dropping off and picking up passengers to park in short-term parking, instead of idling outside of the arrivals and departures terminals. Continue Reading →

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Doha airport readies for seasonal rush, advises passengers to check in early

Airport officials are advising Doha travelers to check in at least three hours before their flights this week as it prepares for a seasonal rush in passengers. Midterm holidays for many of Qatar’s secondary schools begin on Feb. 10, Doha International Airport said in a statement. To cope with the rush, it recommends passengers check in online if possible and print their boarding passes before heading to the airport. Vehicles picking up or dropping off passengers should park in short-term parking to reduce congestion in front of the arrivals and departures terminals, it adds. Continue Reading →

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