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New light, alt road lead to Church as Mesaimeer construction picks up

UPDATE | 7pm 
Apologies – The map above, provided by Ashghal, contains some inaccuracies. The “Wholesale Market St” marker on the map actually points to the Industrial Area road. —
Ashghal, Qatar’s Public Works Authority, has closed the road leading to the Church complex from Mesaimeer Roundabout in Abu Hamour as part of planned construction. 
A flyover bridge is being built at Mesaimeer Roundabout, although it isn’t due to be completed until early 2015. A new traffic signal about 200 meters south of the roundabout is now operational to control traffic to and from the complex – and Al Wakra beyond – via an alternative road. Ashghal says this will “ensure safety and smooth traffic flow to Mesaimeer roundabout area.”
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Researcher pushes for interfaith inclusion in Qatar

By Ardinny Razania
While Qatar has made great strides in becoming a more inclusive place to live for some non-Muslims, more needs to be done to integrate the nation’s diverse population, a researcher who is studying interfaith issues here has said. According to a 2011 Gallup poll, only 26 percent of Qataris surveyed would not object to a non-Muslim neighbor, while in Egypt and Lebanon, the majority of people surveyed would welcome the diversity. But since the establishment of Qatar’s first church since pre-Islamic times in 2008, the relationship between Christians and the government has continued to improve. Still, residents of non-Abrahamic faiths, including Buddhists and Hindus, would also appreciate recognition, said Asim Koldzo. The Oxford graduate student is exploring interfaith issues here with a grant from the Qatar National Research Fund. Continue Reading →

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Inside the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Doha, Qatar. Continue Reading →

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Qatar’s ‘Church City’ grows as Christianity loses taboo status

It has been more than three years since Qatar opened its first church on the outskirts of town, giving the country’s growing Christian community a place of their own to worship after years in rented spaces. There are more than 100,000 Christians living in Qatar, according to a 2010 US State Department report. More, especially from the Philippines and South Asia, have been flocking to Qatar as the country pours billions into infrastructure projects ahead of the 2022 World Cup. But the community, not wanting to cause waves in this conservative Muslim country, has been historically tight-lipped about how it functions and what its plans are for the future. Rev. Bill Schwartz, an Anglican priest and an Episcopal Church missionary, granted a rare interview to the Episcopal News Service about the Christian community in Qatar, which published an article last week. Continue Reading →

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