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Ministry of Environment revives plans for Qatar animal rescue shelter

Last month, the Ministry of Environment and Ashghal issued a tender looking for a firm to oversee the construction tendering and contract award of the facility. Continue Reading →

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Qatar’s South African community raises record 2 tons of food for QAWS

The Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) has announced that a recent food drive has yielded the largest single donation of pet food in the shelter’s history, and comes at a time when animal rescue groups are struggling to get through a difficult summer. Continue Reading →

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VIDEO: Qatar’s animal rescue centers struggling to keep up

As more dogs and cats are abandoned by Qatar residents, the country’s rescue centers say they are quickly reaching capacity and running out of funds to care for the animals. Continue Reading →

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Thousands sign petition urging better conditions at Qatar’s pet souq

Some 2,000 people have already signed a days-old online petition asking authorities to improve conditions for animals in Qatar’s popular Souq Waqif. Continue Reading →

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New Qatar office to tackle violators of environmental, animal welfare laws

The decision by the Attorney General Dr. Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri appears to be a sign that Qatar has decided to get tough with violators of these laws, which some say have been under-enforced in the past. Continue Reading →

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Report: Qatar to begin construction of new animal shelter in January

The Ministry of Environment has said it is advancing on plans to build a much-needed facility for stray cats, dogs and other animals in the country. Continue Reading →

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Qatar struggles to house animals caught during trapping campaign

The Ministry of Environment is calling for the construction of a temporary shelter to accommodate the homeless animals it has recently rounded up. Continue Reading →

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‘We have failed’ – Unable to find new home, QAWS announces closure

After a frantic, months-long effort to find a new home following the termination of their current lease on a farm west of Doha, the Qatar Animal Welfare Society has announced it is no longer operating as a rescue facility. In a message on its Facebook page, the country’s largest animal rescue shelter said it will wrap up operations this fall:

Despite all our attempts to secure a new location, we have failed. Communications, promises and meetings with the various authorities have all been unsuccessful and no assistance has been given in the time allocated. QAWS first announced that it was searching for a new home in December after its landlord decided not to renew the group’s lease. The shelter was originally supposed to move off the farm in May, but was able to extend its stay for a few more months as it pursued alternative arrangements. 
Unkept promises
But unfortunately, none of the promises from government entities who pledged to help have been kept, organizers told Doha News. Continue Reading →

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Glimmer of hope for QAWS after landlord grants one-month extension, CMC adds support

The Qatar Animal Welfare Society, which was expected to close at the end of May, has been granted a one-month extension of its lease from the owner of the farm on which it is located. In a post on Facebook, the group, which was founded 10 years ago, said:

We have managed to secure a 4-week extension on our plot of land so we can stay until June 30th and we sincerely hope something can be secured before we run out of time. Please everyone, keep sharing our posts, advertise our animals for adoption and keep your fingers & paws crossed! The news comes as Central Municipal Council members throw their support behind the organization, urging the government to set aside land dedicated to the shelter. 
The issue is not just about kindness, but also public safety, CMC member Sheikha al-Jufairi said in a statement:

“The strays could pose both a danger and nuisance for the inhabitants when left loose on the streets. So, a merciful and humane way should be adopted to deal with the issue to maintain the wellbeing of the society.”

QAWS officially stopped accepting new stray animals in March and began a donation drive to find homes for its 300 pets. 
But the organization still has over 240 animals left on the farm due to people just “dumping” pets on the property, QAWS board member Lucielle Burger told Doha News. Continue Reading →

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VIDEO: For the love of animals, courtesy of Just Here Qatar
Time is ticking down for the Qatar Animal Welfare Society, a 10-year-old animal rescue organization that has lost its home and been unable to find a new one. The organization, which is holding an open shelter day until 6pm tonight, is no longer accepting animals and is preparing to close at the end of this month. However, according to a post on Facebook, QAWS organizers have had a positive meeting with members of the Central Municipal Council and are keeping their fingers crossed. If you’re interested in adopting an animal, or know of any available farmland, please contact QAWS here. Thoughts?(Source: Continue Reading →

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